Brief Curriculum Vitae

Employment History

Postdoctoral Research Associate | University of York| 2020-present

  • Researching whether elements of an event are retrieved holistically during development

  • Whether retrieval practice on some elements of an episodic events transfers to better recall for untested elements (accepted as a Registered Report)

Graduate Teaching Assistant | University of Manchester | 2016-2020

  • Second year undergraduate module Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology, teaching seminars and marking assignments (essay and blog post)

  • Second year undergraduate module Perception and Action, teaching seminars and marking exam essays

  • Third year undergraduate module Cases in Clinical Neuropsychology, leading reading groups (face to face and online)

Research Assistant | University of Lincoln | 2015

  • Examining the potential of using eye tracking technologies as a diagnostic tool for neurological disorders

  • Spatial working memory in Parkinson's

  • Eye tracking and language comprehension

  • Worked at the Summer Scientist event in the School of Psychology where approximately 250 children from the community aged 3-10 participate in research studies (or "games"). I collected some data for the Eyelander project, a computer game designed to improve vision in children with visual field loss


Journal Papers

Pickering, J.S., Henderson, L.M., Horner, A.J. (accepted, Royal Society Open Science). Retrieval practice transfer effects for multielement event triplets. Stage 1 Registered Report.

Van den Akker, O., Peters, G. Y., Bakker, C., Carlsson, R., Coles, N. A., Corker, K. S.,Yeung, S. (2020, September 15). Inclusive Systematic Review Registration Form. MetaArXiv. doi: 10.31222/

Pickering, J. S., Topor, M., Barbosa Mendes, A., Bishop, D. V. M., Büttner, F. C., Henderson, E. L., … Kothe, E. J. (2020, September 6). Non-Interventional, Reproducible, and Open (NIRO) Systematic Review guidelines v0.1. doi: 10.17605/

Pickering, J.S., Leroi, I, McBride, J., & Poliakoff, E. (2020). Continuous force measurements reveal no inhibitory control deficits in Parkinson’s disease. Experimental Brain Research, 238, 1119-1132. doi: 10.1007/s00221-020-05768-0

Waddington, J., Pickering, J.S., Hodgson, T. (2020). The table-top visual search ability test for children and young people: normative response time data from typically developing children. British Journal of Visual Impairment, Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/0264619620915258

Hodgson, T.L., Hermens, F., Pennington, K., Pickering, J.S., Ezard, G., Clarke, R., Sharma, J., & Owen, A.M. (2019). Eye movements in the "Morris Maze" spatial working memory task reveal deficits in strategic planning. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 31(4), 497-509. doi: 10.1162/jocn_a_01362


Pickering, J.S., Henderson, L.M., & Horner, A.J. (2020). Retrieval practice transfer effects for multielement event triplets (Stage 1 Registered Report). Under embargo.

Pickering, J.S., Majewska, M., McBride, J., Leroi, I., & Poliakoff, E. (2019). Impulsivity and inhibitory control in Parkinson’s. Available from:

Majewska, M, Pickering, J.S., McBride, J., Leroi, I., & Poliakoff, E. (2019). Impulsivity and inhibitory control in ageing. Under embargo.

Pickering, J.S., McBride, J., Leroi, I., & Poliakoff, E. Impulsivity and inhibitory control in Parkinson's disease: a systematic review. PROSPERO 2017:CRD42017051751 Available from

Select Poster Presentations

Pickering, J.S., Majewska, M., McBride, J., Leroi, I., & Poliakoff, E. (2020, September). Investigating behavioural impulsivity: Minimal group differences between people with Parkinson’s with and without impulse control disorders or compared to healthy controls. Poster presented at the Parkinson’s UK Research Conference, online. [pdf]

Pickering, J.S., McBride, J., Leroi, I., & Poliakoff, E. (2019, June). Analysis of sub-threshold errors reveals no deficit in response inhibition in mild to moderate Parkinson’s. Poster presented at the World Parkinson's Congress, Kyoto, Japan.

Pickering, J.S., McBride, J., Leroi, I., & Poliakoff, E. (2018, November). How Patient and Public Involvement shaped the development of a training tool for impulse control disorders (ICDs) in Parkinson’s. Poster presented at the Parkinson’s UK Research Conference, York, UK.

Pickering, J.S., Poliakoff, E., Leroi, I., McBride, J. (2017, July). Continuous force measurement of response activation and inhibition in Parkinson’s disease. Poster presented at the Experimental Psychology Society meeting, Reading, UK.

Pickering, J.S., McBride, J., Leroi, I., & Poliakoff, E. (2017, May). Impulsive action in Parkinson’s Disease. Poster presented at the Manchester Doctoral Academy PhD Conference, Manchester, UK.

Pickering, J.S., McBride, J., Leroi, I., & Poliakoff, E. (2016, November). Impulsive action in Parkinson’s Disease. Poster presented at the Parkinson’s UK Research Conference, Leeds, UK.

Pickering, J.S., Conroy, A., Leroi, I., McBride, J., & Poliakoff, E. (2016, April). Reducing impulsivity in Parkinson’s disease through action observation. Poster presented at the Research in Imagery and Observation 10th Anniversary Meeting, Manchester, UK.


PhD Psychology | University of Manchester | 2016-2019

  • 1+3 Economic and Social Research Council studentship examining impulsivity and inhibitory control in Parkinson's with, and without, impulse control disorders

  • Supervised by: Dr Ellen Poliakoff, Dr Jennifer McBride, Professor Iracema Leroi

MRes Psychology | University of Manchester | 2015-2016

  • Part of the 1+3 studentship with a focus on advanced research methods in psychological science

  • Thesis title: Inhibitory control in mild to moderate Parkinson's disease (distinction awarded)

BSc Psychology | University of Lincoln | 2012-2015

  • Peer Assisted Stats Scheme - As a peer mentor, I ran fortnightly drop-in sessions with colleagues to help first year BSc Psychology students with SPSS and research skills. I also supported statistics workshops as a teaching assistant, and was trusted to lead one of the workshops myself

  • Completed The Lincoln Award to gain employability skills and enhanced involvement in subject specific activities

  • Dissertation research project - Air flow and optic flow: Visual-tactile integration and the motion aftereffect. Evaluated the impact of visual-tactile multisensory integration using psychophsyics, under the supervision of Professor George Mather and Dr Rebecca Sharman

  • Voluntary research assistant to Professor Tim Hodgson from 2013-2015. Collected and analysed pilot data for the General Practice Saccade Assessment Cohort project, aimed at developing an oculometric tool for the early detection of neurological conditions and assisted with some fMRI analysis.

  • Won funding from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scheme to carry out a summer research project with Prof Tim Hodgson examining eye movements and spatial working memory in Parkinson's and building my clinical assessment skills (Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale, Mini Mental State Examination)

  • Research project - Training universal facial expression recognition

  • Research project - The biophilia hypothesis in visual art preference

Access to Higher Education | City College Norwich | 2011-2012

  • 60 credits received at distinction (48) and merit (12) level, and achieved the highest marks in the cohort

  • Government and Politics, History, Sociology

  • Research project - Content analysis of the portrayal of women in video games

  • Dissertation project - The importance of ethical considerations in psychological research

A-Levels | Copleston and Holywells Sixth Form | 2007-2009

  • 3 A-Levels (Psychology, English Literature, General Studies)

  • 2 AS-Levels (Biology, Information and Communications Technology)

  • Certificate in Business Language Competence (Spanish)

GCSEs| Copleston High School | 2002-2007

  • 9 GCSEs achieved at grades A-C including English, Maths, Science Double Award, and French

Administrative and Voluntary

  • Co-lead of Manchester's ReproducibiliTea open research journal club

  • Reviewer for Journal of Parkinson's Disease and Journal of Neuropsychology

  • Research Grants Evaluator (Parkinson's UK)

  • Organised and ran BEAM lab's journal club

  • Co-supervised BSc Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience research project

  • Co-supervised MRes Psychology research project

Media engagement

Public Engagement



  • "Parkinson’s disease: Perception and action", invited talk at the Bramhall branch of the University of the Third Age (U3A)


  • "Working with people with Parkinson’s to develop home interventions", invited talk at the Positively Parkinson's event organised by the University of Lincoln and Parkinson's UK

  • "Parkinson’s research update from the BEAM lab", invited talk at the Parkinson's UK Information and Awareness Day for people newly diagnosed with Parkinson's or interested in local research in the Greater Manchester area

Community Events


  • Parkinson's UK Research Roadshow at Kendal South Lakes. Demonstrated the in-development research study to groups of people with Parkinson's and their family members, and provided a hands-on opportunity to experience what it might be like to be a Patient and Public Involvement volunteer.


  • Science Uncovered at Manchester Museum. Demonstrated laboratory tasks at an evening wine reception and explained how these tasks related to Parkinson's research


  • "Brain Box" university-wide event. The event was attended by 5000+ people and we showcased our research into Parkinson's disease and demonstrated laboratory tasks to people of all ages as part of the Manchester Day celebrations.


  • "Science Spectacular" event at Manchester Museum as part of Manchester Science Festival. Demonstrated short laboratory tasks and activities and explained how we use these to link behaviour to the brain. Attendees ranged from very young children to the elderly.

  • "Summer Scientist" event at the University of Lincoln. Approximately 350 Children aged 3-10 participated in our research over the course of a week.

  • "Pop Up Social Science" community event at the University of Lincoln. Demonstrated our research into using eye trackers as diagnostic tools to members of the local public.

  • "Horncastle Psychology Roadshow" at Horncastle U3A. Showcased the portable Ober Saccadometer eye tracker to members of the University of the Third Age, and demonstrated how it could be used in diagnosis of neurological conditions.



  • "When meta is not better". Unconference session on systematic reviews in non-interventional research.


  • "Exploring impulse control disorders in Parkinson's disease". I organised a workshop with Parkinson's UK to introduce people with Parkinson's to my PhD research topic and gain their insight into how to improve our research plans. I gave a talk, followed by a focus group. Several volunteers remained as collaborators on the project after this event.

  • "Big Brain" workshop for groups of GCSE pupils (aged 14-16) visiting the university from local schools. Demonstrated visual illusions to explain how the visual system works.


  • "Big Brain" workshop for GCSE pupils (aged 14-16), demonstrated visual illusions.

Awards and Grants

2017 - Grindley Grant from the Experimental Psychology Society for conference attendance (EPS, awarded £500, claimed £270)

2017 - Research Involvement Award from Parkinson's UK to facilitate Patient and Public Involvement (Parkinson's UK, approx £500)

2015 - Awarded 1+3 Economic and Social Research Council studentship for MRes Psychology and PhD Psychology at the University of Manchester, covering all tuition fees, a personal stipend, and research training fees for a four year period (ESRC, approx £80,000)

2014 - Succeeded in winning funding for the research project "Eye movements and spatial working memory in Parkinson's disease" (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scheme, £500)

2013 - Won the School of Psychology Achievement Award for the highest end of year grade in the cohort

Key Skills

Open Research

  • Pre-registration

  • R

  • Markdown

  • Github


  • Good Clinical Practice

  • Research Integrity

  • Neuropsychological test batteries (Mini Mental State Examination, Montreal Cognitive Assessment, Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination, National Adult Readin Test, Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale, amongst others)

  • Patient and Public Involvement

  • Scientific and lay writing

  • Talks (public and academic)


  • Programming - MATLAB, PsychoPy/Python, Visual Basic for Microsoft Office macros

  • Eye-tracking - Eyelink 1000 and Ober Saccadometer

  • R and RMarkdown

  • SPSS

  • JASP


  • Frequentist and Bayesian statistical analyses

  • LaTeX typesetting

  • Git/Github

  • Basic working knowledge of fMRI data analysis using SPM (Statistical Parametric Mapping) and Pronto (Pattern Recognition for Neuroimaging Toolbox)

  • Microsoft Office and general IT skills


  • Teaching - seminars, workshops, and marking

  • French (up to GCSE/high school level)

  • Spanish (Certificate in Business Language Competence)