2020 - Postdoctoral Research Associate in the York Episodic Memory Lab with Dr Aidan Horner: researching whether elements of an event are retrieved holistically during development, and whether retrieval practice on some elements of an episodic events transfers to better recall for untested elements.

2016-2020 - PhD candidate in the Body, Eyes, and Movement (BEAM) lab with Dr Ellen Poliakoff, Dr Jen McBride, and Professor Ira Leroi: researched whether response inhibition, decision-making, impulsivity etc are disrupted in Parkinson's.

Current roles and projects

  • Project co-ordinator for Non-Interventional, Reproducible, and Open (NIRO) systematic reviews. The project aims to make systematic reviews clearer and easier to do outside of clinical trial research. We are developing a set of guidelines for creating a protocol/pre-registration with a particular focus on reproducibility and quality assessment. You can find out more from Marta Topor and I on the ReproducibiliTea podcast.

  • Ambassador for the Centre for Open Science

  • Responsible for community building and merchandise for ReproducibiliTea internationally

  • Co-lead for ReproducibiliTea Manchester

  • Advisory board member for the Meta Psychology journal

  • Member of the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS)

Interests and Principles

  • Open, reproducible, and replicable science (code and data sharing, pre-registered hypotheses, separation between confirmatory and exploratory analysis)

  • Patient and public involvement (working collaboratively with patients, not on or about them)

  • Public engagement (talks, workshops, community events)

  • Meta-research (improving science to be as robust as possible)

  • Brain-behaviour relationships (decision-making, memory, reward, motivation, impulsivity, cognitive biases)

  • Statistics (both frequentist and Bayesian, clear and reproducible analyses in RMarkdown, learning new techniques)

  • Methodology (developing new methodologies, widening my skill-set, staying up-to-date with new hardware and software)

  • User experience (creating apps and tools with public input, surveys and focus groups, experimental methods)

  • Neuropsychology (Parkinson's and other neurodegenerative diseases, and how neuropsychological cases can inform us about typical brain function)

  • Visual perception (optical illusions, visual motion perception, multi-sensory perception)

  • Games design (applying psychological knowledge to improve the gaming experience)

Personal Interests

  • Video games have been one of my main interests since about 1997, currently playing mostly on the PS4 and PC

  • Sci-fi and fantasy literature

  • Dungeons and Dragons/RPGs - Half (Wood) Elf, Rogue

  • Archery - I was co-founder and treasurer of the University of Lincoln Archery Club, but first started shooting in 2012

  • Horse riding - particularly western riding, but have dabbled in dressage, carriage driving, vaulting, and circus as a teen. One day I hope to combine my interests into horseback archery - watch this space!

  • Travelling